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Time2help introduces Keepod to Yakini Primary School

In 2015, Yannick Nestle worked as a Keepod intern in Tel Aviv. After a summer as a project manager, he decided to get his father, Eberhard, involved with the company.

Eberhard studied economics in school, later working for Hewlett-Packard in finance and project management for the next 30 years. He now is located in Stuttgart, Germany, where he works as the CFO of time2help.

Time2help, founded by the Nestle family and friends, supports the Living Water Children Centre in Arusha, Tanzania. Along with aiding orphans and less fortunate children, time2help also focuses on educational support for promising schools.

“My sister-in-law wanted to show her daughter that the world is not all perfect,” said Eberhard. “They went to Tanzania where they could volunteer and witness a different type of environment.”

After working with a children’s center in Arusha, their family inquired about other projects they could aid. They were soon introduced to the Yakini Primary School.

Keepod and time2help teamed up with the Yakini School manager, Christian Kimaro. Before this partnership, the school had no technological equipment and was having trouble fundraising.

“We are very happy to be the first school in our region to work with Keepod,” said Kimaro. “In the meantime we are using Keepods for communication between the teachers of our school and the students.”

Primarily, the communication is being facilitated through Google Classroom. This app allows students to research and be more flexible in their style of learning. Teaching Aid materials are also provided on student profiles, allowing resources to be viewed by individual students.

“Our school has benefited from Keepod, as we are the only school in our region with the facilities to learn online,” said Kimaro. “It has also given a great opportunity to our teachers to adapt to the new ways of teaching through technology.”

The Yakini Primary School published a video about their Keepod products. A few students and their teacher discussed how Keepod influenced their education.

A new shipment is on its way to the Yakini Primary School. Thanks to new sources of funding, 30 refurbished laptops and 150 Keepods are being sent to Tanzania. Along with these new resources, funding has been set aside to build a new computer room and establish an IT education course for future school years.

Sample from TEDxUNC Audition

With my 1SE app, I had been committing to only being present for 1 second a day, 365 seconds a year. I recorded 365 magic moments, but there were so many more that I have lost. I can’t let myself make excuses anymore, no more autopilot. Apparently,  it’s not  guaranteed that you get to walk to class on campus for all four years. 

I think back to all the memories I proclaimed were ruined. Special moments which shaped me to be who I am today. I hadn’t allowed them to remain intact. Rather than value the memories as magic, I tarnished their meaning by comparing them to the circumstances of another moment. 

I feel embarrassed and relieved at the same time. It is not easy to admit I had fallen in a trap of my own negativity. However, committing to living in the present seems like the light at the end of the tunnel. 

When I open my app, I see each day’s video clip laid out on a virtual calendar. Every memory is stagnant, a snapshot of living in the present. However, when I play the video, I reflect on how the culmination of magic moments has shaped me to be the person I am. 

Now what if instead of one second a day, I commit to living in the present for one minute a day? One hour a day? One entire day? What if I was able to collect magic moments nonstop? If I live in the present, I have this superpower. 

I am the only person capable of changing how I view the world and with that comes responsibility. Will I be able to do it?

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